Bella Thorne Revels She’s Bisexual? Reveled By Herself

Bella Throne

A shocking new comes from Hollywood town than Bella Thorn is bisexual. Bella Thorne loved to shock her fans and this time she totally shocked her friends. She just got out from relationship with Gregg Sulkin and now it looks like she’d like to explore all of her new dating options! Twitter account on fire when the newly single actress was asked by a fan point blank, “are you bisexual?” Her simple answer was “Yes,” and her fans are cheering on her candid response with love and support.

After a long time relationship with Gregg Sulkin, Sulkin announced on August 15th that they are splitting after a year of a very public romance. Now Bella is totally free to explore relationships with women.but now that Bella T. has admitted she’s bisexual and is showing off pictures of them passionately kissing, their friendship seems to have blossomed into a full romance. Check out the timeline of the Bellas’ public love fest.

Bella Throne New Relasionship Pictures

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