Cars 3 Movie Worldwide Release Date Announced Releasing Next Year Summer

The makers of much awaited Hollywood animated movie ‘Cars 3’ all set to release next year in summer. It is a cars sports film which is directed by Brian Fee and produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is third installment of Cars franchise and it is one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood.


Release Dates Worldwide 

Brazil15 June 2017
Hungary15 June 2017
Portugal15 June 2017
Russia15 June 2017
Bulgaria16 June 2017
Canada16 June 2017
Spain16 June 2017
India 16 June 2017
USA16 June 2017
Argentina13 July 2017
Hong Kong13 July 2017
UK14 July 2017
France2 August 2017
Sweden1 September 2017
Germany28 September 2017

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