Iru Mugan 1st Day Morning, Noon, Evening And Night Shows Occupancy Reports

The much hyped movie Iru Mugan released today and opened with huge audience response on the first. The science fiction Tamil movie created so many buzz since it was announced and today finally released today. The film released on 8th Sep 2016 worldwide and opened with good word of mouth. After good word of mouth the occupancy taking hype every passing show. The advance bookings which are held on 6th September opened like storm and more than 95% tickets are booked. The film takes a huge start in India and especially Tamil Nadu booked more than 90% tickets on the first day. The high pre-release buzz around the movie makes movie must watched. Iru Mugan is also releasing in Telugu language with a title Inkokkadu. The movie is expected to get almost 90% of occupancy in Tamil Nadu on the opening day and 70% across the country.


Iru Mugan Opening Day Occupancy All Over India

Tamil Nadu: The Iru Mugan movie opened with a huge numbers of audiences on it first day and advance bookings for the movie already sold 90% of tickets in just two days. The morning occupancy his vey huge and noon and evening shows are totally full. All multiplex and single screens of the movie are crowded with audience. The Rajinikanth all movies are must watch for every age factors. Specially noon, evening and night shows are covered with crowd and opened with 90-95% occupancy.

Kerala/Karnataka: Tamil movies are also has making good market in neighboring stares like Kerala and Karnataka. The occupancy on the first day is very huge and opened with 90-95% on the first day. The teaser of the movie got huge response. The word of mouth makes movie must watched and word of mouth movies are always becomes blockbuster at box office. In the morning movie opened with 75% occupancy on the first day and after passing shows the occupancy become 95% occupancy in noon and evening shows.

AP/Telangana: The AP and Telangana also very demanding states for Iru Mugan. The cities give most welcome to the movie, and performing well. In these cities film opened with 80-85% occupancy and performing better at box office. The film also performed very well in AP/ Telangana and occupancy also very good. In the morning film opened with 70% occupancy and occupancy reached 85% in the noon and evening shows.


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