M. S Dhoni Trailer Review: Will This Film Become Game Changer For Sushant Sing Rajput

Finally the trailer of much-awaited movie of M. S Dhoni biopic was released. The film is a biopic on the real life of Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Film stars Sushant Sing Rajput in the lead roles. The film is one of the biggest release and one of the most awaited movie of the year. The film tells all story of the journey of the India captain.

m-s-dhoni-the-untold-story-trailer released

The 3 minute long trailer shows the journey of Dhoni. From being a child Dhoni was a football goal keeper and this talent leads him to getting trained to be a good wicket keeper. From the teenage Dhoni has already a name for itself. Every time he confidently walks on the field and saying “Strike Hum Lenge Tum Bas Run Out Mat Hona”.

Sushant Sing Rajput played a brilliant role of Mahi, and looking promising. His body language, hair style perfectly mach with Mahi. The shots where he is seen batting, his stance, his way of lifting the bat, everything is signature to the captain. Neeraj Pandey’s hard-work to make him look authentic, have to be cheered.

The film also shows the love life of Mahi and we caught some glimpse from trailer. The makers of the movie put some romantic glimpse of Kiran Advani and Sushant Sing Rajput. Anupam Kher also shown as Dhoni’s father in the trailer. Last scene from the trailer with the crowds cheering ‘Dhoni’ and Sushant’s perfectly aped Dhoni’s expression from the last six of the World Cup finals, the magnificent captain finally grab the world cup.

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