Mohenjo Daro Review Rating, Star Performance and Script Analysis


Ratings: 2.5/5

Star-Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hedge and Kabir Bedi

Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar

Good In Movie: Hrithik back after two years. Hrithik Roshan’s best performance in movie and his character of Sarman is much liked by audience.

Bad In Movie: Sometimes Mohenjo Daro looks like a costume drama movie. The runtime of the movie is long and editing is not so good.

Watch Or Not: Watch if you are a king hearted fan of Hrithik, the period drama is not impressed and story of the movie is too ordinary. The performance of the Hrithik is good but director is not matched characters.

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Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) is an Indigo farmer living with his uncle and aunt in Aamli village. After sometime they know about a town (Mohenjo Daro) where they trade their goods. Sarman convince his uncle to send him to Mohenjo Daro to trade his goods. He takes off for the town and when he enters in Mohenjo Daro village he realized he know this place.

After experiencing the ill-treatment given to peasants by Maham (Kabir Bedi) and his son Moonja (Arunoday Singh), Sarman decides to leave the town.Sarman meets a girl Chaani (Pooja Hedge) in village and love at first sight. Chaani is the daughter of priest and considered to be a blessing for the town but is promised in marries with Moonja.

Will Sarman take on Moonja and Maham to win his love film tells you.

Mohenjo Daro Script Analysis

When the Mohenjo Daro has been announced, there is an excitement surrounding it. Coming on the script the film is a period drama that little historic material. Script wise this is a highly formulaic film with even a DDLJ element of ‘Palat’ in the love story.

Not only is the love story stale, also the way the movie starts one could even say it seems inspired from Baahubali where Shiva is excited to climb the mountain and go to other side of the town. The film story little bit matching from Baahubali The Beginning. At start, a different language is used to give some actual historic feel but there are no subtitles given so its just gibberish for the audience.

Director Gowarikar repeats his own films in Mohenjo Daro. Just like peasants are protesting against taxes they can’t pay (remember Lagaan?) and entire village comes together to generate electricity and they build a bridge to save themselves of their town which is drowning (Remember Swades?)

Mohenjo Daro Star Performance

Hrithik Roshan every time give his best performance in every movie and this time he done same thing with Mohenjo Daro. He delivered a decent performance in the movie and action and fighting scenes are extremely good.

Pooja Hedge done here debut with this film, as Chaani she seems like an ordinary girl. nothing periodic about it other than the costumes. Kabir Bedi as Maham plans to scare kids with this role and his performance is decent.

Direction and Music

Ashutosh Gowarikar is best known for his movie like Lagan, Jodha Akbar and Swedes but this time his fail to impress. The much talked crocodile scene is not good and special effects are very poor. The entire action sequence with the hideous names of the Bhakar Zokar is quite decently helmed and probably the only saving grace in the second half.

A R Rahman’s music suits the film’s setting but does not help to make it bearable.


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