Phullu Film Review: Attracts Attention Towards an Important Issue ‘Phullu’

Movie Name: Fuloo

Director: Abhishek Saxena

Star cast: Sharabi Ali Hashmi, Jyothi Sethi, Inamul Haq, Nutan Surya

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Certificate: A

Rating: 3 stars

India is considered an agricultural country and even today it is called a developing country, even today there is more village population than the city and where on one side the men of the village try to work in the nearby cities, while still the society Consciousness is also present in thought and somewhere. Director Abhishek Saxena has created this film to attract attention towards every problem of rural women, in which the movie ‘Filmmast’, which came a few years ago, has been taken by Shariib Ali Hashmi. Actor Akshay Kumar has also made a film on this issue, whose name is ‘Paddman’, which will be released in the coming months but the makers of ‘Fuloo’ film have made this film to highlight the same days of the first month. After all, the movie Ia is reviewing the movie.

Story Review

This story belongs to the village of Fullu (Sharabi Ali Hashmi) who lives in the village with his mother and sister. One of Phulu’s specialty is that whenever he goes to the city for every woman living in the village, he comes with the necessity of the things he needs, the flower is empty, there is no work left, seeing that his mother married her Bigny (Jyoti) Sethi), but after the marriage, there is no change in the activities of Fullu, he goes to the city as always, but once he went to the medical store and went there If the teacher understands women’s menstruation pad, then she has the impression that women in her house, ie mother’s sister and wife as well as women of her village also have the facility of pads available in less money. needed. For some reason, Fully learns to make a pad by going to the city, but when it comes back to the village after learning it, its family members are not happy with these things, although Phulu’s wife believes that her husband succeeds in one or the other day. Twist turns into the story, and eventually it takes place that you will have to watch the movie to know.

Watch or Not

The story of the film is very interesting, which directs towards the period of women in the month and during this experiment the experiment gives a big message to use the incoming pad. This story in the film is based in a village but with this story every section can connect and the men of most rural women and men’s head houses will definitely connect.

The film has a good direction as well as the real location makes the film even more rich, some excellent location of the village and everyday life make it even more realistic. Actor Shariib Ali Hashmi, who has returned home from a film called Filmistan, has done a great job, which also forces you to think that Jyothi Sethi’s work is good. Nutan Surya has done a great job, too little In the role, Actor Enamul Haq has worked on Cherie on the Top, the work of all other characters is also good.

The music of the film is excellent and the music associated with ground reality has also been used in the background, songs sung in the village are packed with the screen play and the song ‘Bhunar-Bhoonar’ is quite good. This film attracts attention to the problem that arises during the month related to women and also works for opening eyes. This film can not be compared to Akshay Kumar’s upcoming Tamil Nadu film ‘Padman’, because Akshay’s film is being produced at a large level, with its commercial and production value even more.

Weak Points

By the way, many people watching the trailer of the movie would have figured out what kind of film would have been made, due to which a particular section might come to see the film because there is no superstar or big star cast in this film. The editing of the film is quite weak and simultaneously screen play could be done better. Who would have thought of seeing the trailer that the film is about to be seen, will be able to see the film provided it is Adult because it is a film released with an A certificate.

Box office

The budget of the film is not very much due to which if the makers of satellite and early days are monetized, then the makers will not have to worry because these films will be seen by the people of a particular manner. Well, the makers of the film are not releasing it too big, but preparing to release 200 to 300 screens.

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