Rustom/ Mohenjo Daro 5th Day Morning, Noon, Evening and Night Occupancy | Tuesday 5th Day Occupancy Reports

After crossing 4th day successfully both movies to near touch its week. Finally crime thriller Rustom and periodic drama Mohenjo Daro crossed 4th Day easily. Both movies gaining more audience response and ticket counter are filled with audience crowd. After looking at critics reviews Rustom movie takes long hype and mixed review for Mohenjo Daro also doing well. Both movies showing good growth on the fifth day being holiday. The movies are enjoying 5 day long holiday and earning well at the box office. Tomorrow film face first working day and on the Rakhi film taking more hype during holiday.

Rustom Occupancy Reports On 5th Day Tuesday

Finally both movies crossed 1st weekend successfully at the box office. Two biggies Rustom and Mohenjo Daro arrived on 12th August and tomorrow complete first weekend. The Akshay Kumar’s crime thriller leads over Hrithik Roshan’s periodic drama. Akshay Kumar’s Rustom collects a superb review by critics and ratings also very fantastic. Rustom collects more than 3/5 ratings all over the world. The both movies are showing a decent occupancy reports Rustom which is opened with more than 60% of occupancy and Mohenjo Daro opening with 40% occupancy.


Delhi NCR: The capital region opened to fair occupancy of Rustom is morning shows. Rustom is clearly declared winner in capital region. The morning shows of Rustom opened with average occupancy and kicked off with 50-55% occupancy. The capital region showing good occupancy rates and the house packed 70-75% in Noon, Evening and Night Shows. The die-hard fans of Akshay and Hrithik much supporting both of movies.

On the other hand the massive fan following of Akshay is enjoying the release of Rustom. The morning shows of Mohenjo Daro kicked off at 40% of occupancy. The morning show not looking better for Mohenjo Daro and occupancy recorded average at 35% and even in noon and evening shows it become 40-45%. The flick us largely depending on good word of mouth.

Jaipur: The die-hard fans of Akshay and Hrithik much supporting both of movies. In Jaipur both of films are giving tough competition to each other. The whole city much supporting to Mohenjo Daro and Rustom occupancy enjoying decent opening in Jaipur. In big multiplexes like Cinepolis: Triton Mega Mall, Jaipur, Cinepolis: World Trade Park, Jaipur and Raj Mandir Cinema: Bhagwan Das Road both movies showing good growth.

On the other hand the pink city opened with similar occupancy, multiplexes are targeting more occupancy all over the city. In the theaters like Trade Park, Jaipur, Cinepolis: Triton Mega Mall, Jaipur, Raj Mandir Cinema, Bhagwan Das Road and Kohinoor Cinema: Sanganer has been targeting more than 55% of occupancy on the second day. Mohenjo Daro tells about a young orphan (played by Hrithik), who falls in love with a princess (played by Pooja).

Mumbai: Mumbai is highly target city for every movie and Akshay Kumar’s crime drama enjoying good occupancy growth in Mumbai. The occupancy of morning show recorded up to 60% in Cinemax: Infiniti Mall, Malad (W), Cinemax City Centre: Vashi, INOX: R-City, Ghatkopar and Ashok Anil Multiplex: Ulhasnagar. Rustom beats Mohenjo Daro in the Mumbai and received a fantastic response.

On the other hand in the dream city the periodic drama opened with a good occupancy. Especially in the multiplex like Cinemax: Infiniti Mall, Malad (W), Cinemax City Centre: Vashi, INOX: R-City, Ghatkopar and Ashok Anil Multiplex: Ulhasnagar film opened with good occupancy.  Mohenjo Daro opening with 45% occupancy in dream city.

Other Circuits: The other remaining zones like UP, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana are targeting sectors for the films. Both stars has good fan following but positive word of mouth is working in these centers. Rustom is better than Mohenjo Daro as we expected film did not done well. Rustom opened with 60% occupancy on the fifth day and Mohenjo Daro opened with 45% occupancy.


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