Rustom Movie Review Script Analysis And Star Cast Performance


Ratings: 3/5

Star-Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta

Director: Tinu Suresh Desai

Good In Movie: Akshay Kumar in navy uniform looking very good. A very good story and well star performance hooked you to your seats. Well camera work and good songs.

Bad In Movie: Sometimes the Rustom character looks overtly. The character of Rustom seems too angelic.

Watch Or Not: Yes! Rustom is must watched for this weekend. The murder mystery of the movie defiantly impresses you and Akshay Kumar’s performance is good.

User Ratings (3/5)

Rustom Pavri is a commander in Indian Navy and knows for his unabashed nature when it comes to putting his country first. The film based on 50s explosive case of K.M Nanavati but the makers of the movie issue a warning at start that film is not a biopic and only a fictional representation of the case.

The story starts from then Rustom return from his duty, he finds his wife Cynthia missing at home. Rustom soon learns about his wife affair with a car dealer Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa).and he Hurt and angered by his wife’s infidelity.

Rustom shoot Vikram with 3 bullets and surrender himself for his crime. The main twist came when Rustom pleads not guilty in court. Is he guilty or not is what lies ahead film tells the story.

Rustom Script Analysis

The script of the movie comes like a Special 26 and A Wednesday with only one angle in aspect. All these movies are rooting for the criminals and they make the lawless ways look just by their execution. The script of the movie written such as sugarcoating that you hardly find him to be a murderer.

The story of the movie has been crafted well and has some good twists. The interesting script of the movie very good and movie is must watched. If you are free for weekends watch Rustom, film has some basic elements that really impress you.

The side characters are well written. The wife of Rustom Instead, they portray a weak woman who is ashamed of her affair and also back it up by showing her lover to be a bast*rd which justifies her to be pulled into a situation and not because of choice. The representation of a young kid selling the newspaper by giving juicy dialogues worked for me really well. The courtroom scenes are dramatic and they even pull off self-jokes on their TV-serial type drama.

Rustom Star Performance

Akshay Kumar as a commander looks handsome in white navy uniform. The Akshay done a good job and his performance is good written by director. The performance of Ileana D’Cruz is very good and her sorry face and well dressing and tears are also good and important element for the movie.

Esha Gupta has a resting bitch-face all through the film. Here performance also very good with low-cut hair. Her new action of hold a cigarette and smoking is good. Arjun Bajwa as Vikram Makhija is uninspiring heis made to look like 50s villain. Pavan Malhotra as the investigating officer on case does a good job. Kumud Mishra in his teensy role too manages to impress us.

Rustom Direction and Music Review

Director Tinu Suresh Desai has previously helmed 1920 London and we are quite surprised that he coming with a film likes Rustom. His direction also very impressive and second part of the movie is impresses everyone.

The courtroom scenes are good and better from many other Bollywood movies. The songs of the movie already popular and romantic song Tera Sang Yara sounds very good.

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