Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Were Blessed With Baby Girl

Good news comes from B’Town actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput were blessed with a Baby Girl. The baby was born at a suburban hospital late evening where Shahid had been by Mira’s side since the time she was admitted. Having married in July last year, Shahid and Mira’s relationship has indeed only got stronger with every passing day. Both the mother and daughter have been reported to be in a healthy condition.

Shahid-Mira Blessed A Baby Girl

Shahid Kapoor Say to media: “It’s a good feeling to be around Mira and she makes me happy. Though, there is another thing that I would always feel bad about. Whenever I used to land in any city, I’d never get a message asking me, “Have you reached?” Everybody around me used to get messages from someone or the other, asking, “Have you landed? What is happening there?” When you live with people in the same house, they keep track of your minute-to-minute movement. But that doesn’t happen when you live alone. I always used to think, “Yaar, kyun mere se koi yeh poochta nahi hai? (Why does nobody ask me how and where I am?). So, today, I feel happy to have that somebody around me (smiles). Now, he gets it every time, “Every other second (laughs). But, on a serious note, it’s a good feeling.”


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