Sultan Movie Review Script Analysis and Star Performance

Ratings: 3.5/5 (Three and Half Star)

Star Cast:  Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma and Randeep Hooda

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Good in Movie: Sultan which is most awaited movie of Salman Khan is a mixed with emotions, actions, love romance. The love story is good but the wresting seen is best for the movie. Better star cast performance, well managed script, well direction, well locations.

Bad In Movie: The movie running time title bit long. Some love angles and romance are not well directed. Like all movies film dealing with sports drama. The film filled with more wresting fights.

User Ratings                                           

The film revolves around a Haryanvi wrestler Sultan Ali Khan. Sultan meets Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) and sultan fall in love with her and tries to impress Aarfa and want to marry with her. After sometimes Sultan know that Aarfa only merry she will only marry a wrestler who has competed beyond the state level and that becomes the motto of his life. Sultan now trains himself to be worthy on her own eyes.

Sultan now decided now becomes mentally and physically strong wrestler.  Sultan goes on to milestones and wants to win gold medal in Olympics. Now Sultan fighting with himself and now even marries with Aarfa. Sultan now left his village love and family to complete his dreams.

Sultan Script Analysis

If we talk about Script the trailer was enough to give you and insight into what is all the film about. The Love story in the movie is coming like surprise and all script is not so much new. If you are a big film watcher you can now tell about what is happening in next half.

The film story not impressed us and if frankly says you cannot become the fan of the movie. The film is not like other movies who win your heart like Drishyam, Kahani and other thriller movies. The film is all just the lick of Salman Khan who makes movie must watch. If you are big fan of Salman Khan Movie is for you and film is too filmy.

Aarfa is kind hearted fan of Mary Kom and she inspired from Mary Kom and her ambition to become like Mary Kom. The film totally based on typical element of sports drama.The dialogs of the movie are basically written for Salman Khan and dialogs are keeping with Salman’s personality. The Sultan’s character is basically built to broken punches on competitors face.

The first half of the movie is very entertaining with some cook fights scenes and Salman’s killer moves. The funny dance of Salman is very much likes by audience. In the second half film comes with lots of emotional scenes and it is also the sings of YRF films.

Star Performance

The star performance in Sultan is very good and Salman worked very hard to look like wrestler. Salman At 50 but watching his as wrestler, Dance, Romance and some emotional scene are great that is the good thing about Salman. Director Ali Abbas Zafar very well directed Sultan and makes so many hard works for it.


Anushka Sharma is a strong support for Sultan and she is also called supporting pillar of Sultan. Anushka’s performance is fairly good and impressive. The chemistry with Salman is too good. Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda come just for supporting role and very well performed.

Direction and Music Review

Ali Abbas Zafar done very fair job in Sultan and makes Sultan blockbuster. For Salman Khan Fans director putt everything in Sultan what audience want. The director with camera done very good job and camera job is good.

Abbas realized that he did not worked very well as last some blockbuster Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday and film totally carry on  stars shoulders.


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